Anti-spam Policy

For email recipients, ISPs and blacklist administrators

VIVO Contact complies with anti-spam regulations and makes no compromise on spam policy. Email recipients can choose to unsubscribe from VIVO Contact users via the link included in such emails. User account will be suspended if unsolicited emails are sent. If necessary and applicable, appropriate action will be also taken against the sender of suspected abuse. To report suspected abuse, email to or call 3499 1158 (Hong Kong).

For VIVO Contact users

All VIVO Contact users must send only permission-based email messages once you subscribe to our products and services. In other words, all recipients must have opted-in to receive emails from you.

It is recommended that you provide your customers with the opportunity to opt-in by filling in online or physical sign-up form. The opt-in form should state clearly what and how often the recipients will receive your messages. In addition, it is recommended that VIVO Contact users limit communication to only customers in the last 12 months. Please also avoid the use of purchased mailing lists.

As a VIVO Contact user, you may not:
- harvest email addresses from websites immorally and illegally
- purchase mailing lists (whether the contacts are opt-in or not)
- pre-check fields in your subscription form
- subscribe your users to a list unrelated to the subscription form in used
- send unrelated offers or unrelated content
- add contacts without permission from the subscribers
- email someone who has requested to be removed from your list

You may:
- send out regular messages to recipients who have opted-in
- send out information and content to recipients who have requested

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Both VIVO Contact and its users can cancel a user account for any reason at any time. To cancel a VIVO Contact account, email us at Payments made are not refundable unless they are duplicate payments. Subscription to our products and services is pre-paid. Cancellation in the middle of subscription period will be effective in the end of the subscription period. To complete a cancellation, a confirmation email sent from the email address used to register the relevant VIVO Contact account is required.