Event Management


Nothing can be easier than creating your event with VIVO step-by-step web interface. Once you've filled in the details of your event, an online RSVP form for your guests is generated right away. The form is ready to be sent. Fields and layout can be tailored to your needs too. Customization is done by just a few drags and clicks. You won’t need to wait for your developers anymore.


Distribute the invitation to your contacts, like you do so with an EDM or text message. You don’t even have to input your event information again. Simply pick from a selection of free invitation templates, and the details are right there. Everything is seamlessly integrated with VIVO EDM and SMS systems. The invitation even comes with its own reports on open and click rate.

Follow up

It is when your effort starts to pay off, but minus the administrative hassle. If you charge a fee for the event, PayPal is available for you and guests. If place is limited, quota and sessions are checked. If a person registers, a confirmation email with QR code ticket is automatically sent. Plus, their info are also then saved into your contact list, so you don't have to.

Show up

So, your guests will attend with a very convenient ticket, in the form of QR code. Each QR code ticket is absolutely used by one and for once only. Identifying a guest and marking attendance take as quick as a second. All you need is a smartphone with camera and a dedicated app (for iOS and Android) installed. QR code is snapped and the guest enters.


Measure the success of your event real time, on site, from different dimension. It's more than attendance rate. Compare this stat with invite response rate to even your whole contact database. These are exactly what you need to identify trends with your events. Data are presented in graphs, which are generated upon your choice of items.