Features Overview.

With our EDM and MDM solutions and V-coupon, you are connected with your customers and clients for real and for now. VIVO Contact brings you more than message delivery. You are equipped with a friendly interface. You benefit from timely analytics. You are here to achieve a wide range of marketing goals, expected and unexpected.

Win Customers and Keep Them

Emails and text messages are the way people talk, and you've got to be in to let your message out.

  • Engage with your customers, on the go, all the time
  • Be chic: send emails, texts and digital coupons too
  • Be timely: send ad hoc or as scheduled
  • Be specific: send to only targeted customers or everyone

Write Good and Look Good

You're supported by a team of creative and technical professionals. Your beautiful and effective message has been in process already.

  • Craft message that suits your marketing campaign
  • Use the best fit template, style-wise and function-wise
  • Show your business' presence: customize with your logo, words and color scheme
  • Write in an intuitive interface

Be Social; Go Viral

Your electronic message is powered up by social media sharing buttons. A modern message is sent, received, shared, shared and shared.

  • Get well-known by the city
  • Earn free exposure
  • Be seen on social networks
  • Be forwarded to friends and family of your customers

Clean Up Your Contacts

Your contacts are your assets, so we're concerned with them and hope you are too.

  • Save contacts in secure database
  • Categorize your contacts
  • Add, edit and erase contacts quickly and easily
  • Grow your contacts by putting up opt-in form

Be Informed and Improve

Your campaigns do not end by the delivery of emails or texts. Here comes the invaluable data for your future campaigns.

  • Track recipients' response in details
  • Know what your customers like (and don't)
  • Dig into data and visualize them, in charts, graphs and lists
  • Learn from previous results to make magic in future

Save Money and Time

You pay less for saving more hassles. It takes less time but you use more functions.

  • Afford only what you need, starting from just $99
  • Save printing and postal cost
  • Draft and deliver at one place, in few minutes
  • See your message sent and tracked real-time