Product - SMS


Write a SMS text in minutes, and in the familiar VIVO Contact interface in which you find clear instruction organized in steps . Unicode is supported that you can write names of exotic brands and products as you know them, with accented letters and symbols.


Existing contacts, exported or typed, can be used for SMS texts, as long as you've included the cell phone number of your potential recipients. Like on your phone, you can save texts as drafts for future editing and delivery. In addition, with our system, you can schedule texts to be sent later to ensure timely sale alerts, festival greetings and more.


You don't just see history of delivered texts. You can check much more behind the texts that you've written and sent. The status, performance and analysis of each text message could be reviewed conveniently, in the form of graphs, charts and detailed reports. With these new found information, you can also have the message fine-tuned, put on hold or more.