We've collected some of the most popular questions, together with their answers, for your easy and quick reference 24/7.

Products and Services

How do I get started?

Thanks for choosing VIVO Contact. You can get started with a free account, which you can register for here now. Once you have an account, you are able to use all of the products and features we provide.

I have my own mail list. Can I still use it?

We welcome you to use your existing contacts, so that you can send emails, texts and V-coupons to your regulars immediately. You can import your contact list by uploading an Excel file (.csv) or a text file (.txt). You can also enter the contacts one by one online.

How do I create an email?

You can start with the email template which best serves your purpose. There are currently more than 999 email templates. They differ in layout arrangement and style, and are highly customizable. Then, you can enter your content in our easy-to-use editor, which functions like any regular CMS and text processors.

Can I see the results of my marketing campaigns?

Sure. After you've signed in, select an existing campaign and a report of the respective campaign will be generated. You can check analytics based on the different user behaviors such as opens, clicks, bounces and more.

How do I deliver a V-coupon?

It is very similar to sending an email, but with a few more clicks. When you create an email, you can specify the details of the deal, such as product code and discount rate. A V-coupon, in the form of a QR code, which stores data of the deal are automatically attached to the emails.

How do I verify a V-coupon for my customer?

With just an app! The app named APPNAME is available free on Apple iTunes Store and Google Play. Sign in to APPNAME with your VIVO Contact account and scan the QR code with the camera of your mobile device. No installation of machines and wires is needed.


Do I have to pay to try and test your functions?

No, you don't. A VIVO Contact account comes with free trial of all of our products, and it is also free to register for one. You can use all features and functions for free, until you're out of trial credits:

EDM: unlimited emails to up to 100 contacts within 30 days
SMS/ MDM: 10 texts
V-coupons (attached to emails): unlimited

Please check pricing for details.

Account and Payment

How am I billed for VIVO Contact?

You are billed monthly on the date that your subscription is purchased, for the amount as detailed in the pricing page(s) of your chosen product(s). There is no hidden fee and services charge. You can pay online by these credit cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express.