Product - EDM


A beautiful and unique message is just a few clicks and drags away. In a familiar web browser, you can simply follow our step-by-step procedure, with the help of an intuitive interface. Your message will be enriched, but not limited, by our highly customizable free templates. Make the message your own with your own style: header, footer, company logo, preferred color scheme and more.


Set your marketing campaigns in motion as soon as possible. We've got an importing tool to reuse your existing contacts easily. We've got a segmentation tool to sort out recipients with characteristics of your choice. We've also got a scheduling tool, so that you can define the specific moment to send an email. Let the system handle the delivery task, and go on with your next campaign.


This is the science of the art of email marketing. Review the past and renovate success in future. User behaviors such as opens, clicks and bounces are constantly tracked. And, these data are well-organized in graphs and charts for easy reference. Individual reports can be grouped for quick comparison between different campaigns, too.


Marketing is an ongoing process. And, digital marketing is an easily manageable process. Specifically, the status, performance and analysis of each campaign can be reviewed easily, so you can act and react accordingly. You can always check the profiles of your customers, and build them with your designated items of characteristics, which help you to search for specific audience faster.